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The Dos and Don’ts for Picking Your Beach Wedding Dress

When looking for a made-to-order beach wedding dress and organizing a beach wedding, there is a lot of potential for creativity. Since it’s outside, you have more flexibility to include the unique details that are particular to your concept. There are countless color combinations, huge, gorgeous summer flowers, and pergola arrangements that can be made specifically to your preferences. 

Here is our list of the various considerations for a beach-bound bride, divided into Dos and Don’ts.

Do consider the weather when planning your wedding

A beach doesn’t always have warm, sweltering weather. The weather at the beach can also be windy, dry, and rainy at different times of the year. 

It is an excellent idea to research the weather that will be in effect at the time of your wedding, depending on your chosen location. If it’s windy at the beach, change your makeup, hairstyle, and clothing accordingly. 

Think about accessorizing with a stole, wrap, or jacket if it gets too cold. Also, choose a hairstyle that keeps hair out of your face so the wind won’t be an issue.

Don’t forget to choose a suitable fabric

Organza and silk are common wedding dress materials and aren’t the best options for beach weddings. When placed on beach sand, they can make you feel heavy, sweaty, and worn out. 

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using these fabrics. Instead, wear chiffon or other light, airy fabrics for your wedding dress. These are easy to wear, blend beautifully with the surroundings, and are portable. Voile, organza, and tulle are other materials to take into account. 

Additionally, check to see if the fabric wrinkles easily. You can expect a lot of wear and tear on your Alena Leena Bridal Gowns ca. So stay away from wrinkly fabrics like cotton and linen.

Don’t Wear a Complicated Updo

Consider your hairstyle options in light of the unpredictability of summer weather. The summer humidity and beach breeze can destroy a lovely updo in minutes.

The best is simplicity. French braids, a low ponytail, a low bun, a down-do, or even a gentle side swoop will all look lovely. Additionally, it would be best to consider a low-maintenance option to make your dresses the center of attention. 

The beach’s natural beauty will go well with your bridesmaids’ understated yet elegant looks.


Since it’s outside, you have more flexibility to include the unique details that are particular to your concept and when designing wedding guest dresses, outfits for your bridesmaids, keep these considerations in mind. 

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