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Adina Brunetti on Creation of Event Concepts


Adina Brunetti is the founder of Adina Creative Food, a Miami-based company that is specialized in offering various premium event-related services. She is also the brain behind AJM Hospitality Group. Right now, she and her daughters (Michelle and Jessica) are coming up with ideas that help in bringing the visions of clients into reality. AJM Hospitality Group has a highly talented team. When it comes to covering different types of events like anniversaries, parties, corporate events, engagements, and weddings in the US, these experts will always pay attention even to minor details. 

After successfully planning out the birthday party of a client some years back, Adina has kept on growing from strength to strength. It doesn’t really matter what clients are searching for because she and her team understand how such expectations can be met without compromise. This couldn’t have been possible without her vast experience in event planning. Getting to meet her via this interview is a rare privilege. 

How Did You Manage To Delve Into Wedding Planning? 

Getting into business management, event design, and planning wasn’t something I actually planned for. In fact, I have always been involved in creating decor for residential and commercial projects. This is why I studied fashion, décor, and interior design, which helped me to develop the necessary skills for creating event concepts. After that, I just started implementing my knowledge in the most natural ways. From dinner parties to lavish launches, I managed to make my creativity come alive. One of the most special feelings I have had is when guests appreciate my creative work. These could be table settings or even the entire event décor. Such appreciations have only spurred me unto greater heights. 

One day, I was asked by my friend whether I could have her engagement party designed and planned out. Without giving it a second thought, I decided to accept the challenge. Although it was my first ever task of planning an event, I wasn’t daunted. In the end, it was a rewarding exercise for me as I saw everything going according to plan. The couples and guests were happy. It gave me a firsthand experience of what expert event planning is all about. It was a life-changing experience that I can’t trade for anything. This is why I have never looked back since then. 

What Elements Can Make An Event Perfect? 

For an event to be perfect, the following have to be present: 

  • Good floor plan layout and circulation
  • Floral arrangements need to be creative and vibrant 
  • Exquisite catering 
  • A high degree of customization for branding elements
  • Interactive entertainment

Which Part of This Job Is Your Favorite?

One aspect of this job that I have come to love is its process for every task. For instance, I am required to put together some of the most creative concepts and think of ways that they can be brought into reality. It is like trying to imagine something and bringing it into reality. The feeling I get from this is inexpressible. 

What Trend Actually Excites You Right Now

Every year, new trends come into existence. However, some are much better than others. One of my favorite options this year has been the usage of neon lights installation. Also, I have come to love abstract floral arrangements using colors that are bold and eccentric. 

What Roles Do Couples Need To Play During Wedding Planning?

The first decision that couples are expected to make in the process of planning their wedding is to consider the size of their budgets. The importance of having a clear budget can hardly be overemphasized. It is crucial that decisions are divided between intending couples and their respective families. This is a serious problem, especially when there are lots of cooks inside the kitchen. 

It is also important that couples approve of the chosen theme. These could be décor, layouts, furniture, music genres, color palettes, and more. This will ensure that the groom and bride can share their views. It is all about striking a balance between the couples in terms of their views and opinions.  

Are There Any Considerations For Abroad Weddings?

Of course, there are lots of factors to consider. However, the most obvious are flight route and duration. There are times when couples may decide to organize their weddings abroad. However, they would want to choose locations that will be favorable to their guests. This could be in terms of in-direct flights as well as long distances. 

Other factors that must be taken into account are accommodation, weather conditions, availability of the right local suppliers, and many more. 

What Has Been Your Greatest Lesson So Far In The Creation of Event Concepts 

Ensure that your vision is always asserted. It is possible for clients to have visions of their own. However, they can’t find the best ways of expressing such to an event planner. During cases like these, I am always expected to help them understand their expectations and needs. After that, I will come up with a concept that doesn’t conflict with their ideas but makes them better. 

What Are Your Sources of Inspiration?

I am inspired by everything you can think of. It could be music videos, concerts, festivals, fashion shows, interior design, décor fairs, and more. I am inspired by any visual idea I consider beautiful. It is my belief that each event must have a persona of its own. 

Which of The Events Have You Planned That Can be Considered As The Most Spectacular?

This question is quite difficult to answer because every event has a story of its own. 

What Feature Should A Professional Event Planner Possess?

The feature of an event planner shouldn’t be one. For instance, such a person needs to understand design and beauty. His approach to every event planning exercise must be that of a perfectionist. Furthermore, he needs to pay attention to details all the time. The most important among these is the desire for continuous growth. Finally, he needs to have patience since his problem-solving skills will be put to the test by some unforeseen challenges.

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