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Seven top tips for preparing the ideal tipi wedding

A tipi offers the ideal blank canvas space for you to truly make your own, whether you’re planning a fun-filled festival wedding with your favorite people or a rustic get-together in the countryside. There is something quite magical about a tipi celebration, whether you decide to furnish it with oddball furniture and fairy lights or you adore the idea of roasting marshmallows around the fire pit. With years of experience providing stylish and adaptable tipis, marquees, and tents to hundreds of couples across the country, we’ve compiled ten top tips to guarantee your celebration is unforgettable. Everything from budgets to logistics to styling and more is taken care of by us. Get as many friends and family members involved in the planning a tipi wedding and enjoy it.

Decide on the wedding’s style.

When you’ve made up your mind to have a tipi wedding, take into account your venue’s amenities. You might need heating depending on the time of year, and the sides might not be able to be up. 

Consider the time of year and the weather.

The tipis are waterproof and can be used in the winter because they can be warmed up with heaters. The fires serve as decoration rather than to keep the tipis warm. The majority of people hire heaters from September to May, and the majority of people do not hire heaters from June to August, but depending on the weather, we sometimes recommend it.

List of Guests

Although it may not be the most exciting step in the planning process, creating your guest list is one of the most crucial. It will first determine the quantity of tipi hats you need for your wedding.

Reserved seats

If you have older relatives, make sure there will be more comfortable and supportive chairs for them since bench seating is common at tipi weddings. Depending on your needs and the desired look, we have a wide range of benches and chairs.

Outside area

Because your guests will spend a lot of time outside, it’s just as crucial to ensure that the area is well-planned as the interior. Do you have specific areas you want to use for particular activities? You could designate a space for lawn games, a location for a drinks station, a place to relax and chat, or a location with a great backdrop for pictures.


If you have your wedding outside, it will be dark by the end of the night, so make sure you have adequate lighting. We provide festoon lighting to line the walkways, lanterns to frame the tipi’s front, and uplighters to illuminate the surrounding trees. You could also bring fairy lights and wrap them around the tree.

The Administration of Logistics

While the logistics aren’t particularly exciting to discuss, we do need to get them checked off your list and out of the way. Depending on the location of your tipi, you may need to hire a generator and luxury toilet facilities. Make sure you factor these into your budget from the start so you don’t get caught off guard with unexpected costs later on!

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