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Bride Price: Rent It for the Evening

In many cases wedding puts an unnecessary pressure on people who arrange the whole thing. A wedding in itself is a stressful thing alongside being exciting and beautiful. No one can ever deny the fact that planning a wedding is ultimately a stressful job that requires help. People often end up hiring wedding planners who knows the job very well. With all the sources at hand, they can do the job much faster and more precisely. They are actually full of vibrant ideas which allow people to arrange a wedding without going through the whole lot of pressure.

But there is another thing that is actually a bit stressful for anyone planning a wedding. Some traditions require the placement of a dowry during the event which is a way of showing the groom and his family’s financial capability. The bride is placed in the groom’s family and it becomes the groom’s responsibility to take care of her. The dowry placed during the wedding event shows everyone, especially the guests that the groom is financially capable enough to welcome the new bride in life.

Dowry rental

This dowry becomes both the measure and an item to showcase at the wedding. But the reality is that it might get a bit tough for the groom to arrange an eye-catching dowry after the expense for the wedding. Arranging a huge amount for dowry purpose would be another pressure on the groom. But some families might find it to be necessary to go with the tradition. This is where the dowry rental works as a wonder.

The process

This rental goes just like any other rental process where we rent the service against a certain amount of money. The only difference is that people rent money by giving the price for bride price for rent (เช่าสินสอดราคา, term in Thai). Here also comes the contracts and both the families are made aware of the whole procedure. As the amount is not to be actually used a dowry, the process is done with the consent if both the parties.

The amount of dowry is determined and a charge is payable. Any change can be made with prior notice. The mount id dowry is just a show item and not for use, hence not a loan. It is delivered to the venue by the company. It stays there during the event and it is solely purposed for pictures. Once the event is over, the whole set of dowries is handed over to the service provider. No part of the contract is ever made public to protect the privacy of the clients.

Dowry hiring comes as a good solution to too many things. While it is a practice that is looked down upon, hiring it helps to steer away from it. It is also a way to comply with traditions without the problematic part of it. In fact, it is a great way to save some money as there is no necessary for any loan for the dowry. It will be a show thing and no one will ever know about it except the people the couple chooses to tell. As the companies choose to protect privacy, no part of the contract makes it to the public eye.

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