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7 Modern Wedding Save The Date Designs You Are Sure to Love

For weddings, many people choose the save-the-date postcards which are very popular and trending these days. It is one of the best ways to remind your guest about your wedding date and time. Most of the postcards with save-the-date comprise various designs, and styles and some even have the picture of the couples too. You can get the save-the-date in several different designs that you will fall in love with. So, here are some of the designs from which you can choose and are sure to like for the save-the-date postcards.

  1. Simple – One of the best save-the-date designs that you can get online or in some shops is the simple save the dates In this there will be borders on the card and a simple date will be mentioned either with a picture of you two or without a picture of you two. This card is also very beautiful and elegant. It looks very decent with no extra work or designs on it. The contents within the card can be designed with golden or silver or any colour of your choice.
  1. With Photos – Another best save-the-date postcard that you can ever get is the one that has a photo of you two or the couple. It is also one of the best sorts of postcards where you can put up good, close-up photos or the picture of you two in the fields or near the flowers and put such on it. You can also choose a plain picture of the two of you and the background options are there like that of a sea, ocean or mountains or some scenery which you will get.
  1. Non-Photo – A non-photo is one of the postcards that will just have the date and some beautiful content written on it, regarding life & marriages and heavens and others. If you want you can choose this simple non-photo postcard also for your wedding invites and give it to your friends or relatives along with the wedding cards or before that.
  1. Rustic – You can also get a rustic design wedding save the date which is a modern wedding save the date postcard that you will fall in love with. Twinkle light rustic wood lacework design is there in this which is very adorable and it is something that your guest would love to save and preserve for long with them.
  1. Destination –Another design that you get the save-the-date designs in is the destination one. You can check for the designs and prices online.
  1. Floral & Botanical – These are the green cards in which you will get beautiful designs in green and other colourful flowers and fruits and many more. You just need to go online and switch to floral & botanical for the wedding save-the-date designs and you will get a plethora of options to choose from.
  1. Funny & Calendar Designs – You will also get funny quotes and calendar designs too for the save-the-date. You can choose funny quotes like, ‘shit just got real, and many more. In calendar designs, you will get a complete month’s date, with your wedding date highlighted on it. Even these designs are better ones.

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